Your Teen Needs the Right Tools to Thrive

Action-Oriented Therapy Gives Your Teen the Power to Succeed

Teen Therapy In-Person in Atlanta, Georgia

Your teen is at a turning point.

The teenage years are a crucial moment for self-development.

Your teen’s choices will set the trajectory of their life for years to come.

The skills and habits they build during this time will shape the rest of their lives.

Being a teenager is tough. Your teen needs the tools to turn good decisions into wise actions.

Your teen has become withdrawn.

At first, you thought it was just part of growing up.

They dyed their hair purple, their room was a mess, and they were surgically attached to their phone.

(Normal teen stuff)

But you’re worried they’re depressed. They never leave their room and are always sad.

They won’t tell you what’s wrong. It hurts to see your child suffer, but they won’t open up to you.

Your teen needs a dedicated space to get the support they need.

My approach to therapy focuses on teaching coping skills crucial for emotional regulation.

Acceptance is a core value of my practice. I use DBT techniques that foster mindfulness in your teen and help them to be fully in the present moment without judging themselves or others.

This approach is clinically proven to:

• Improve their attention span
• Reduce impulsivity
• And enhance overall mental clarity

Your teen will learn to identify emotions, understand triggers, and apply effective strategies to manage intense feelings.

Therapy prevents self-destructive behaviors by giving your teen tools to manage their emotions.

Therapy builds your teen’s confidence.

Your teen will learn to speak up for themself and assert their needs and boundaries.

This allows your teen to effectively ask for what they want and say, “No,” in difficult social interactions.

Building emotional and cognitive resilience will support your teen for years to come.

Using a skill-based therapy style helps with emotional regulation while addressing executive functioning skills and creating healthy relationships.

Help your teen grow into the person they want to be.

I’ve dedicated my practice to helping teens and their families nurture the happiness they desire.

Give your teen the tools they need to build the life they want.

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