ADHD and Autism

ScreenshotYou feel like there’s something fundamentally different separating you from all the normal people, and it’s ruining your life.

But that’s not news.

You never have felt like all the other humans on planet Earth.

In every situation you’ve ever encountered throughout your life, it’s been a case of too much and never enough.

You want to like yourself.

You want to understand yourself.

But you just can’t.

Perfectionism wraps its fist around your throat.

Art you used to love goes untouched. Work is left unfinished. Dishes pile up in the sink.

It doesn’t matter that you know if you could just do it, you’d feel so much better.

What matters is that you can’t get anything done, you can’t fix it, and you don’t know why.

9q2a0960You’ve tried to explain why everything inside you is screaming.

It looks like laziness to other people, but you’re not. You’re trapped.

Whenever you try to do what needs to be done, you fail. And every time you fail, you pull away further away and further in.

You’re tired of fighting with yourself and losing.

The chaos in your head can be harnessed.

I can teach you to work with your brain instead of against it.

I like to use DBT, RO-DBT, and skills-based strategies to tackle these challenges, but that’s just a starting place.

What matters most is that there are solutions that will work for you.

Let me help you find them.

ScreenshotAre you ready to do the work to change your life?

The first step is already over. You found me. You want things to be different.

The next step is reaching out. You can do it. Fill in the contact form or call me at (850) 516-7550 for a quick intake conversation.

Let’s remove the barriers standing in the way of your progress. You can get there. The only question is how.

Let’s find out together.