ScreenshotThe problem was never with you.

Even if other people told you that it was, you know you are not the problem.

The problem is with everyone else and how they treat you and anyone else who dares to step out of line with the Cis-Heteroconformative norms.

Maybe if you could figure out a way to change things.

But you’ve tried. It’s just that LGBTQ progress moves so slowly that it might as well not be moving at all.

The boxes society makes are so small – you are large, glorious, beautiful, and divine. Being asked by your family, your job, and society at large to make yourself fit into those boxes is painful. Even if it (probably) won’t break you.

You know that if you could find the place where you were allowed to fit, things would stop sucking so badly. It makes you so tired, the sort that isn’t just tired. Sometimes, it’s anger and sometimes despair.

Sometimes, it’s frustration that the world isn’t as enlightened as you are, and it annoys you that you must take the time to breathe through the fact that it’s not their fault because they’re wounded birds, too.

9q2a0960You want a way to make dealing with everything more accessible.

Drinking about it isn’t helping, and you can’t sleep your way out of it.

Your friends are tired of hearing about it. And if you make one more bitter Insta post, you’ll lose some significant connections. You already have by being yourself.

A lot of the time, it feels like there’s no winning.

So, what do you do?

It’s time for you to own your issues. Yes, things are terrible out there for queers, but when haven’t they been? We’re the bottom of the barrel and outnumbered 1 to 10 by the straights.

But you can decide what you will do for yourself to make your life calmer and more focused on the life you want. You have nothing but choices once you realize you’re empowered to make them.

ScreenshotHere is your chance to start.

In the face of all the noise we face as queer people, we forget sometimes we possess radical free will, but we do.

Our free will gives us the power to do whatever we want. All we must do is use that will to choose to stop reacting and start acting.

In the face of everything that’s happened to you, to every LGBTQIA+ person, remember that you have total agency over your decisions.

So, when will you decide to take control of your mind and actions? When will you take your fate in your hands and take command of your life?

Is it today?

If it is, I’m here to help you do that. I’ll nonjudgmentally guide you toward mastery of yourself. In therapy with me, you’ll reclaim the power over your choices and gain the awareness to know when you are making those choices and someone else.

So, if you’ve decided that now is the time for action, I will help you rediscover this agency and teach you methods to access and cultivate it.

I’ll also help you explore and understand your traumas and manage distress. And because feeling better won’t solve the problem of difficult people, I’ll help you develop skills for boundary setting and building healthier interactions.

I’m here for you with these tools whenever you feel ready.

If you’re ready to see what life can be like when you take control of yourself, call me at (850) 516-7550.